The Last Full Day


The last day... It sure was a sad day...  Only two and a half days have passed and I've already had loads of fun!  Today, we had to get up really early!  Everything had to  be quick and fast. We had no time to eat breakfast or sit down and relax.  It was a 5 hour drive and we needed to make time! 



The second day at Taku’s house was fun!  Right after we woke up, we all went to eat udon at Marukame.  After that, we drove all over the place!  We went to a cellphone shop, a mall, and a supermarket.  I was surprised by so many things. Things that Japanese people would consider part of their normal life but people in Hawaii wouldn’t.

I landed in Japan!! As soon as that plane landed, I wanted to burst out of that plane and hug all the Japanese people in the airport!  At the same time, I felt totally out of my groove.  The flight was fricken long, and walking through the airport seemed a bit intimidating.  I couldn’t read anything and I also lost the crowd that I was supposed to follow.  There was English on all the signs, but for some reason, I felt incredibly unconfident my abilities to find my way.  On top of all that un-confidence, I was afraid that my ride would forget to pick me up.

    Keli'i Scholar

    An old friend and family member of Taku and the Otani family.


    August 2012