The second day at Taku’s house was fun!  Right after we woke up, we all went to eat udon at Marukame.  After that, we drove all over the place!  We went to a cellphone shop, a mall, and a supermarket.  I was surprised by so many things. Things that Japanese people would consider part of their normal life but people in Hawaii wouldn’t.

Let’s start with the super market.  The shopping carts were able to move in any direction.  It reminded me of those fancy suitcases you see at the airport that roll on 4 wheels.  In Hawaii, the carts’ back wheels are always facing forward.  In Japan, they can face any direction.  You could make it spin if you wanted to.

Another one is packing the groceries.  In Hawaii, the cashier packs your goods.  In Japan, they give you packages to pack your own groceries.  They have tables on the side where you can take your time to pack your stuff.
To top it off, they give free ice at the supermarket.  Hawaii people would empty the ice out like no one’s business.  At first, I thought it was ice for drinks and all sorts of things.  It turns out that it was ice to keep your groceries cool.  What you would do is take a plastic bag, provided by the store, and pack it with ice.  After that, you would tie it up, and put it in your grocery bag with all the stuff you bought.
The mall was outstanding.  It had all sorts of stores!  They even had a carousel!  It was like a Waikele, but with affordable clothes.  As soon as I saw the carousel, I walked over to it and rode it.  We got to ride it for free!
After all that shopping, we had a big barbeque at Taku’s house.  I sang and played my ukulele for them and even tried to cook some of the vegetables on the grill.  There were more people than the night before, and a lot of different faces!  It was an awesome night filled with awesome people.  It was one of those moments where I was glad to be in Japan.
8/27/2012 05:10:35 pm

I'm glad you found the packing station in the grocery store really neat. They also have those plastic bag holders that you can place on the handles of your plastic bags. So cool.

9/12/2012 03:21:01 am

Oh really?? I have yet to see those. I'll go look for them the next time I go there!

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