One of the things that I really appreciate about Akita is its people, especially its students.  They are so cheerful and fun to be around!  Having volunteered to speak and teach English to high school students, middle school students, and elementary students, my favorite bunch to teach would have to be the elementary students.  They are always the most enthusiastic about learning new crazy words!

It was my first day seeing snow and my first day meeting with Norikazu-san, the radio host for Akita's Tsubaki radio station.  Together with the Japanese Conversation Friends club, we ate traditional Japanese food, played games, and did presentation on our countries.  In the next week, we went out to a local pub in Akita where we drank and got to know the locals that lived there.

New and fascinating experiences at Hachimori Elementary School, a few hours being a child, a nervous performance in front of 300 people, and an AWESOME time with the "Dream House Host Family."  This trip was just as good as the last one, if not, better!

So I'm gonna call this post Nakama.  Nakama is the Japanese term for comrade or friend.  While I visited Tokyo, I got the chance to see Nakama that I haven't seen for a long time.  I traveled from the top of Utsunomiya to the bottom of Chiba to visit them!



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Toe - Key - Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!! If there is any place you have to visit while you're in Japan, it would have to be Tokyo!  If you're looking to try to change up your fashion, Harajuku is the place to go!  If you're looking to have fun, Shibuya is the place to go!  It has everything, from the weird people to the weirdest things!

Before my trip to Tokyo, I decided to go to Hakuoh University's school festival, a place located in Oyama.  In Japan, school's all over hold a school festival once every year.  Students prepare their classrooms, build tents, show off their talents, and sell food!  I did a lot, seen a lot, and experienced a festival that beat my own school's festival.

Not too many days after going to Happocho and Kaikon no Sato, I set off on a journey to Tokyo.  Before then, a very good friend from Tochigi came over to visit me and sight-see Akita.  Since she could only stay over for a day, we spent that whole day going to Oga Aquarium, a place far far away from where my university.

The day after I returned from Happocho, I was sent to a farmer's inn by the name of Kaikon no Sato.  This experience was very eye opening!  We got to visit an Arts & Crafts Center, see all sorts of beautiful scenery, and do some harvesting.  It was very beautiful, and it was a blast to the past in Japanese traditions.

So about 4 weeks ago, I went to a town far north of Akita called Happocho.  I was sent with several other people to meet the townspeople and teach them English.  It was a great experience! I got to meet with a few middle school students, play with kids at a day care center, and sing to the older generation at an elderly home.  I even got to stay at a Japanese family's house. 

These days, I've been doing all sorts of random things.  Everyday is filled with something new and I'm always on the hunt to learn something new.  Lately, I've been learning how to cook.  Sometimes I would cook at my apartment, and sometimes I would go to my friends' apartments to eat what they're cooking.