Not too many days after going to Happocho and Kaikon no Sato, I set off on a journey to Tokyo.  Before then, a very good friend from Tochigi came over to visit me and sight-see Akita.  Since she could only stay over for a day, we spent that whole day going to Oga Aquarium, a place far far away from where my university.
On the day she came over, I had to take her to my favorite restaurant, Bikkuri Donki.  Of course, I had to have the cheese-filled hamburger.  But this time, I decided to have a little dessert as well.  The dessert's name was Merry-go-Round.  The dessert did not go around the table, but it sure made me merry!
The next day, we set out for our journey to Oga Aquarium.  The journey was 2 hours going there.  We caught several trains, rode on several different buses, and traveled far up north just to reach this aquarium.  The journey was very interesting.  The first thing that I found interesting was the bus ride. Unlike the rest of the buses in Japan, this bus was not on time.  It felt just like Hawaii's bus!  The second thing that I found interesting was the bus's passengers.  They were all old people.  I swear that aside from me and my friend, the next youngest person had to be 50 years old.  It was weird, cause as we stepped into the bus, stares of astonishment came upon us.  It was like we were strangers from another land.

The third most interesting things was the bus fare.  It wasn't a set pay thing where you could go wherever you want with just that amount of money.  The price of your ticket continued to rise as the distance from your stop increases.  When you get on the bus, you're supposed to take a ticket.  The ticket that you take will have a number printed on it.  That number represents the number of the stop you boarded the bus on.  As you ride from one stop to another, there will be a little screen above the bus driver that tells you how much your ticket will cost.  It was very interesting... and very expensive.  It cost me 9 bucks to ride that bus one way.
The scenery on the way to the Aquarium was very beautiful.  We went through the autumn colored mountains and passed by a beautiful large bay where we eventually ended up at the end of some road where the aquarium was.

The aquarium was fantastic!  It reminded me of the Pacific Beach Hotel, but with a lot more variety of fish and sharks.  They had turtles, piranhas, penguins, and even polar bears.  My favorite part of the whole aquarium had to be the polar bear tank.  The first thing I thought when I saw the polar bear was that it was frustrated.  It kept pacing back and forth, and every so often it would stand at the edge of a ledge, and roar in anger. 
At some point, I did the wrong thing by imitating its movements.  Because I imitated them, the polar bear jumped straight into the tank hoping it would get me.  I felt pity for the bear.  It had no where to go and was stuck in this prison for people like me to see it.  As he put his head on the wall of the tank, I tried to put my hand in the same place in a way to express that I felt his pain.  That obviously didn't work, as he thought it was a sign of war.
In the Aquarium, we found some interesting vending machines.  One of them dispensed food while the other dispensed hot chocolate and coffee.   I had to take a picture of them and post them on here!  They were expensive but what was dispensed was delicious!
After exploring the Aquarium, we went outside to view the sea and take some pictures!  After we took a few pictures, we waited for an hour before the bus came.  The ride home was a long ride.  It was about 2 and a half hours riding back.  When we finally got back home, we spent a little bit of time getting ready, ate some food from some restaurant, and then jumped on the bus for Tokyo.

Again, I found a cool vending machine!  This time it had a huge computer screen where you can select the drinks you want by selecting them.  You can even find out what's in it by selecting the drink and clicking the info button.  When I saw this machine, I thought, "Hawaii needs one of these!"  But at that moment, I also thought, "Never mind, these are going to get destroyed in Hawaii."
One last thing that I saw on in Akita Station was this Green Tea Shop.  They had green tea cake, green tea mochi, green tea snacks, and even green tea tea!  My mom loves green tea stuff, so I felt the need to take a picture of it.  America may have Diet Coke and Hawaiian Food, but Japan has Green Tea!  Boom Shakalakah!
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11/10/2012 10:30:02 pm

My first Akita trip was fun with you! Thanks for everything! Also your yakisoba was delicious :) バスのおじさんもいい人でよかったよね(*^^*)

11/11/2012 07:05:39 am

Thanks for the posting, everything looks delicious..I may not be there to eat it but I can just imagine how it tastes..Green Tea is the way to go..

What a wondeful Journey you experienced on this posting..I enjoyed reading your experience..Bring some of these idea that you experienced home and maybe it will make a difference here in Hawaii.. Precious Memories!


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