So I'm gonna call this post Nakama.  Nakama is the Japanese term for comrade or friend.  While I visited Tokyo, I got the chance to see Nakama that I haven't seen for a long time.  I traveled from the top of Utsunomiya to the bottom of Chiba to visit them!
One of the first bunch of friends that I got to see were my friends from Hakuoh University. Two years ago, I participated in a program called Hakuoh University International Study Tour Program.  In this program, we got to live with a host family for ten days in Tochigi, Japan.  During that time, I made loads of friends and memories that I can never forget.

Below are a few pictures of all of my longtime friends.  When I first came to Japan, they took care of me and made sure that I was always comfortable!
After visiting all my friends in Tochigi, I went to Tokyo to hang out with a great friend and one of the Hawaii students that went with me on that program, Sadie!  She was super hospitable and always chill.  Although we didn't get to spend much time hanging out together, I had a lot of fun with her!
In Tokyo, I got to see a friend and fellow scholarship recipient, Alfred!  We had some lunch together, talked about how our schools were and then checked out the first few floors of the Tokyo Tower.  It was a very short visit, but it was great to see that another fellow scholar was doing well. 
I also got to see a piece of his school, Keio University.  It was very nice, and the student population was quite large.
After a few days in Tokyo, I went to Chiba and met with a couple of close friends from Hawaii.  I got to see the difference between our festival and theirs.  It was great to hang out with them again.  It felt like the "good ol' days up in Tantalus."  Below is Aji and Jin!
This is their school, Josai International Unviersity.  The campus was decorated with beautiful lanterns and its trees were even dressed for the occasion, wearing their brightest colors of red.
The trip was so productive and fun, every second felt like it counted to something.  I'm sure the next time I go back, it'll be just the same!

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