It was my first day seeing snow and my first day meeting with Norikazu-san, the radio host for Akita's Tsubaki radio station.  Together with the Japanese Conversation Friends club, we ate traditional Japanese food, played games, and did presentation on our countries.  In the next week, we went out to a local pub in Akita where we drank and got to know the locals that lived there.
A few weeks ago, I went to a party held by the Japanese Conversation Friends club.  It was a party where we had the opportunity to get to know some of the local people that lived in Yuwa, especially the radio host of the Tsubaki radio station next to our school.  As I was dropping off the food from the kitchen to the radio station, it started snowing for the first time.  It was beautiful!  It was like a Korean Drama or a dream.  It was nothing like I've ever seen before.  I was so excited, I took a picture of it as it fell from the sky.
After dropping off the food at the radio station, the club members and I helped prepare Daruko, that night's dinner.  Similar to Akita's Kiritanpo, Daruko is rice rolled into a ball that's cooked in a hot pot.  It was a great experience and something that I'll never forget.  I'm sure that after I return back to Hawaii, I'll continue to make it. 
After making Daruko, we all played a few icebreaker games, did a presentation on our countries in Japanese, and then played more games.  One of the games we played was a Japanese drinking game that I've never played before.  Everyone in the group would play "Jan Ken Po" or "Rock Paper Scissors" until someone loses.  The loser would then roll a special dice that would then determine what cup he or she has to drink alcohol from.  The dice had three different faces displayed on it.  Each face represented a cup.  And each cup was a different size.  Of course, since I have such terrible luck in Jan Ken Po, I lost a majority of the rounds and ended up drinking most of the time.  It was fun though!  I'm gonna make sure to look for that cup and dice set before I return to Hawaii.
A week after the party, Nori-san and I went to an local pub by the name of Mai.  The locals there were especially nice, and the pub had a great atmosphere.  At first, people thought that Nori-san and I were father and son, but as the night went on and they got to know us, they were surprised to find out that we were friends and that I was from Hawaii.  We even got to see Karaoke with everyone!  Of course, I had to sing some of that old school cool cat music.  To my surprise, they knew the songs!  The songs were "LOVE" by Nat King Cole and "Fly me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra.
After the night ended, I took my first taxi to the train station.  Caught the train to the nearest stop to my school. And walked my way home.  It was a great party at the radio station, and it was an awesome night at the local pub.  Akita is just awesome!
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