After a nice visit to Tochigi, my friends Argel, Jaron, and I hopped on a train back to their apartments in Togane, Chiba.  Looking only to spend some good quality time with friends, I was surprised by the things I encountered on my stay there.
As soon as we arrived to Togane, we went to eat at the local sushi shop.  Of course, it was delicious!  And because it was only 100 yen for every plate, I ate as much as I could.  To my surprise, I could only go up to seven dishes. 

The next day, we went to Mister Donuts, a donut shop that is famous in Japan. Now the donuts in Japan come in shapes of baby toddler toys.  You know that one toy your baby bit all the time when he barely could stand, the donuts here look like that.  Below is an image!
Anyways, back to the subject.  I got to taste a really delicious donut.  It was the limited edition Sakura Donut, and I can see why people love Sakura.  It not only looks good, but tastes good.  I'm sure that if anyone were to pass by this Donut shop, they would stop and buy a couple of rings!
Later on that night, we went to eat at a place called Ramen Magocoro.  Sadly, I couldn't read the Kanji and ended up ordering the spicy one.  My friend, Argel, and I misread the Kanji as Garlic.  I have to say though, the ramen was super super super delicious!  Just thinking about it now, I want some more!
Soon after eating our ramen, we decided to explore this unknown game center next to the shop.  Now I've been to many game centers, and I have to say that the best ones I've seen are all in Tokyo.  Tokyo game shops have like 7 floors of different games of all sorts.  Regardless of that fact, I have to say that I like this game center the best!  Why is that?  Because what I found in the back of the center the Japanese drifting RC cars!
Of course, who do you expect to be at the controls of these RC cars?  College students looking to do something for fun?  Little kids who can barely afford their own lunch?  If you thought any of these two, you got it wrong.  They were grown up salary men having fun!
Aside from all the interesting things that I've seen in Togane, it was great to spend time with my friends Argel and Jaron.  They showed me around their place and showed me some great hospitality.  That is without saying, we sat down and did some Kanikapila.  One of my favorite songs we played was one that we learned from Taku's dad and uncle in Tochigi.  Oozora to daichi no naka de!
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jonah mwesigwa
12/7/2014 05:24:47 pm

i love this can you guys get me a drift rc car and at how much plus shipping to uganda


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