At the end of my Spring Break, I went to Sendai to hang out with my two friends, Kimiko and Hide!  On this adventure I found myself with a bunch of new experiences.  I got to stay in a Capsule Hotel, eat cow’s tongue, and even go to Shimizu Shouta’s concert, a well-known RnB artist in Japan!

After a nice 3 day trip in Togane, I went to Takayanagi to stay with my very good friend Kina!  This stay was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had while in Japan.   I went to Ueno Zoo, seen Sakura blooming at its fullest, experienced my first Hanami, and best of all, FINALLY got to go to a Disney Park!

After a nice visit to Tochigi, my friends Argel, Jaron, and I hopped on a train back to their apartments in Togane, Chiba.  Looking only to spend some good quality time with friends, I was surprised by the things I encountered on my stay there.

One of the reasons I wanted to come to Japan was to be there for my brothers when they graduated from Hakuoh University.  This week, they finally graduated after so many years of hard work.  I can say that I’m really proud of them.  Life has been a blast since I met first met them in 2010.