Boy, has it been a while since I've written in my blog.  These past few weeks have been very very busy!  In fact, it was so busy, I hardly had time to relax.  Let's start with the "Shall we be friends" party!  There were performances from all sorts of people, face painting, and even a raffle prize give-away thingy.  They gave everybody who came a number, and the object of the game was to find the person who has the number.  If you found that person, the both of you would win a prize.  There were some good prizes.  They gave away microwaves, pillows, and all sorts of useful stuff.  Of course, I didn't win anything, but I had a lot of fun.  I stayed up until 2 that night!
The next day, my roommate and I went to the beach... on bicycles!  It took us about an hour and 30 minutes each way.  As we rode to the beach, we saw farmers working on their rice fields, kids playing in the parks, and all sorts of tiny cars driving on the road.  It was beautiful!  When we arrived to the beach, I was surprised.  The beach here is littered with trash. I always thought our beaches were littered with all sorts of crud, but I was wrong.  It's nothing compared to Japan's beaches.  All the trash from Korea, China, and Japan are constantly collecting on Japan's beaches.  It's kind of sad.  And in an unusual way, interesting.  It was my first time encountering another sea other than the Pacific.
After we got home from the beach, I got ready and went to my school's rock band concert.  The concert was an eye-opener!  There are so many talented musicians in this school.  There are people who can play the guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums, and all sorts of other instruments.  It seemed almost like everyone in the school could either play an instrument or sing.  I'm excited for the future.  I want to show them what Hawaii's got!
Ironically, the next day, I went to the beach again.  This time to clean it up with the Akita Beach Cleanup Club!  We supposedly went to one the most beautiful beaches of Akita.  Or at least that's what they said... Again, it was filled with all sorts of presents from the people of Japan, China, and Korea. I found bottles, cans, gloves, shoes, and all sorts artistic broken pieces of plastic.  The beach was filled with pieces of nets.  You could probably recreate an industrial sized net with all the material I found on that day.  I even found a syringe on the beach.  After we cleaned up for an hour or so, we made a little fire, and cooked ourselves "Smores." It was surprising.  In Hawaii, you would need a permit to start a fire on the beach.  However in Akita, you don't need one.  Oh the possibilities...
These days, I've been doing all sorts of stuff.  I've been learning how to cook simple Japanese dishes, picnic-ing in front of the school, learning how to play the piano, talking to elementary kids, and much much more.  I've been making everything of anything.  By the time, I return home, I'll be a whole-nother person!
At the end of the week, one of the clubs I joined held a celebration for all of us new members.  Although we only had two new members this semester, it was really fun and interesting!  People drank alcohol, ate cookies, and talked story throughout the whole night.  I've never seen so many Japanese people turn red before.  It was like sitting in a patch of strawberries. 
If you're wondering why all the girls are on one table and all the guys are on another table, don't ask me.  It's just how everyone placed themselves.  Hahahaha.  At one point, it felt like I was in middle school again.  But as the party started to move forward, everybody started to switch seats.
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