One of my friend's friends came over to Akita International University to visit Akita!  She was a girl from Keio University!  Kaori was her name, and we took her all over the place.  In two days, we went to the beautiful Mikaeri Waterfall, the majestic Tazawa Lake, the fun playground called Round One, and the delicious Kamakuraya Restaurant.  It made my weekend fly by real fast!
In the morning, we went to the restaurant nearby my apartment to take advantage of their buffet.  It was delicious!  Usually when I go to a buffet, there are a few things that taste cheap.  This place was different.  Everything at this buffet was delicious.  From the meat to the ice cream, everything was legit.  You could eat as much as you want and it would only be 800 yen, or 10 dollars. 
If I had to pick my favorite thing from this restaurant's buffet, it would have to be the ice cream.  As my mom would say, It was ono-kalicious!  If expensive ice cream had a taste, I feel like it would taste like that.
After a nice meal, we all went to Mikaeri Waterfall!  The place was majestic and the water there was a shade of blue that I had never seen before.  It was so beautiful, I just wanted to jump in and swim for hours.  But I didn't as I didn't bring any extra clothes, the nearest place to get a towel was far away, and the temperature was already 60 degrees (Fahrenheit). 
If it weren't for my friends, I probably would have walked up to the waterfall and put my hands through it.  It reminded me of home and all the memories I made with my friends while going on hikes.  The only difference was that there was a lot more water and a lot more couples having their dates here.  I can see why though. There are plenty of places to hide, and the scenery was like it came out of a Korean Drama.
After Mikaeri Waterfall, we took a long long drive to Tazawa Lake.  By the time we got there, the sky was dark, the air was chilly, and no one was on the beach.  I was looking forward to seeing what it would have looked like if we were to go there during a night with a full moon.  However, since the sky was cloudy and everyone was tired, we decided to just head back home.
Before we got home, we went to Aeon Mall to buy ingredients for dinner.  That night, we made ourselves tacos.  It was surprisingly delicious!  I didn't think we would find the ingredients to make them, but luckily, Aeon Mall has a place where we can find international ingredients.  I ate my fill that night and came out feeling satisfied.
As the night came to end and midnight hit, we all called it a night and went home... yeah right!  We went home, got ready, and then head out to this awesome place called Round One!  A place for people to just have fun and do whatever.  They have a roller skating rink, table tennis, batting cages, arcades, karaoke rooms, rooms filled with manga and massage chairs, basketball courts, archery ranges, mini golf courses, tanning booths, showers, and more and more and more!  They even have a riding bull!  You could stay there as long as you want and do whatever you want for a small price of $15.  Why go to an arcade to play game when you could play here for as long as you want for such a small price?  This place was awesome.  Hawaii needs to have one of these places!  People would never stop coming!
The next day, we went to a restaurant called Kamakuraya.  It was a restaurant that served their food through a Nabe, or a bowl that cooks food in front of you.  It was my first time eating stuff from a Nabe. It was good, but I think people who like soup and stew will like it better.  The food was, of course, very delicious.  We had yakisoba, some teriyaki chicken that you dip in egg yolk, and of course the Nabe.  I also tried Kiritanpo for my first time.  Kiritanpo is rice rolled up into the shape of a hot dog.  I can't say it was delicious, but I can't say that I like to eat rice by itself either.  Other than that, it was a good experience!  I recommend people to check out this restaurant, the inside is very stylish and you'll either get seated in these things that represent a Kamakura (a house made of snow), or a traditional Japanese room with tatami mats.
After we finished eating, we drove to Akita Station, took some purikura pictures, and then said our goodbyes to Kaori.  It was a fun weekend filled with new experiences and many memories!  I'm glad that I got to see all these things.  I'm sure the Keio Universitian was glad to see them too.  See you later Kaori!
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11/10/2012 02:32:44 pm

Yes, the ice cream there in japan is the best.. The Nabe is like shabu shabu and because the food is hot when you take it out of the nabe you dip it in egg and eat it..I love it..Sure wish i was there to eat that..Good memories..Japan always has a lot of things for their younger generation to enjoy!


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