Friends and Family are important.  Before coming to Akita International University, I made it a goal of mines to make as many friends with as many people as I possibly can.  And that I did!  This blog will be dedicated to my Tanken Kazoku, or Exploration Family, a group of close friends who have become a part of my everyday life at school.
Every weekend and almost every day of the week, the family comes over to cook and eat dinner, watch movies, and do other things such as strolling around Akita during the night time.  Before it became a family, it was just a group that took walks around the school during the night.  After a while, more and more people started joining, and eventually it evolved into dinner nights.
Because of this family, I have learned to make all sorts of dishes.  I have learned how to make Czech food, Switzerland food, Japanese food, and even Malaysian food.  Every night there is always a different person cooking.  That person brings the ingredients, and everybody helps them cook their dishes.
Aside from cooking, we do other things like cutting our hair, doing special things like dedicating a night to drinking hot wine, and even just dressing up and walking around school in a silly manner.  Spending time in this family is the most important aspect of our group.  Because of that, we have grown closer and closer every day.
One of the best nights we’ve had was the night when we celebrated our Czech brother, Petr’s birthday.  We all cooked him a cake, blew up balloons, gave him a birthday card, and bought him a Jinbei, a Japanese traditional clothing.  We had so much fun that night, we ended up putting cake all over each other’s faces.
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