This semester, we had another beach clean-up!  This time I came prepared!  I brought my own marshmallows in anticipation for the campfire and luckily for me, I got the opportunity to go to an onsen and a delicious mountain restaurant soon after!
The beach was just as dirty as it was the last time I was there.  Rubbish from Japan, China, and Korea was washed up all over the place!  This time, however, we cleaned up a lot more since we had a lot more people participating.  There was this one huge net in the sand that we all tried to get out, however, it was so thick, even with all of our efforts, we couldn’t get it out.
After getting our hands dirty, we all had a bar-b-que, ate some smores, and played all sorts of weird games.  This time around, I brought my ukulele, so we spent our time on the beach singing and eating until our stomachs were full.
After the beach clean-up, we all returned back home, however, it wasn’t quite over.  After most of the people left, a few of the people who organized the event asked the few people who stayed behind if they wanted to go to an Onsen.  Of course, being the person who doesn’t like to miss out on any opportunities, I went along! 
Sadly, I couldn’t take any pictures of the Onsen as people were walking around naked, however, I got some pictures of the restaurant that we went to after the Onsen.  The restaurant was in the middle of mountains!  Its name was Yama no Godai.
The food was cheap, came in huge sizes, and was most importantly delicious!  Even though I had eaten two bentos earlier, 5 pieces of bread, lots of marshmallows, and drank 3 bottles of water, I took on the  biggest dish they had in the restaurant!
Sadly, I could not finish it.  Shame on me!
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